About us

Bottlesonline.com was founded in February 2012 by Jens Hoogstad, Bart Hoogstad and Aswin Polmann. Bottles-online is not just a winewebshop like all other ones, but unique in its kind.

Before we go further we give a short introduction of us:

Jens Hoogstad:

Owner and Director of Royal Hotels. Since 2009 qualified wine expert of the wine Academy ® and registry wine expert ®. In addition to managing our businesses I am responsible for the wineprogram of restaurant BOTTLES in Sas van Gent, consultant and wine lecturer. The assortment of Bottles-online is assessed and composed by me. I would like to let my guests also enjoy the well selected wines at home that we pour out daily in our restaurant BOTTLES. It is my passion to every swallow, every glass and each bottle of wine to share with you

Bart Hoogstad:

Owner and Director of Royal Hotels, Restaurant BOTTLES and Restaurant De Parel. Graduate as hotel manager in Brussels, afterwards (chef) cook in our restaurants, now busy with the day-to-day management of our hotels and restaurants. As a great wine lover I started together with Jens and Aswin Bottles-online My work at BOTTLES online is the financial part, nevertheless there will be a hope to be tasted.

Aswin Polmann:

For 15 years I have worked at the Rabobank Terneuzen-Sas van Gent as DSI investment specialist. But I decided to a make new challenge in my life. I am currently working at www.beslist.nl, the largest price product comparison site of the Netherlands and Belgium, where I mainly work for the the Belgian market, namely www.beslist.be. To get more affinity with e-commerce I start together with my companions this winewebsite Bottles-online. My tasks are mainly the part of e-commerce.

Why is our site unique?

Wine must be tasted! One of our business is to obtain other restaurants at our website. These restaurants serve as a place to taste the wine and they become our ambassadors. In the restaurants you can taste the wine and directly buy our wines on the website. The link to the site is created through a QR code. So you can drink during a night out eating, taste wines and if you want to drink the wine at home, you can directly place the order and pay by mobilephone. Very easy!

Our mission is to create a website of Bottles-online, where consumers in an easy and friendly way can buy wine online. Not just a bottle of wine, but wine of high quality with a good quality-price ratio, selected by wine expert Jens Hoogstad. Not only on the website, like all other wine sites do, but also in our affiliated restaurants.

In Sas van Gent at the Gentsestraat 12 you can also pick up your wine. If you're not here for the opportunity or the distance is too far to pick up the wine, we will send your order completely free within Belgium and the Netherlands. It will be also sent to other countries but for other foreign countries we will count shipping costs. We ship your order as soon as possible. It will take about 3 to 5 working days, but it could also be that it is the next day in the House, depending on stock and time and the cooperation of the shipper. If you definitely want to have an order at a specific time, please contact us then we arrange that in consultation.

Bottles-online offers you the most usual and safe payment methods, such as Ideal, Maestro, Visa and MasterCard and Paypal. You can also pay through a wire transfer through your own bank. If there are problems, questions and or comments about the site, delivery, payment or any other matter, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Go to the site and let us surprise you!